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​about AUAFA





Alberta University of the Arts Faculty Association (AUAFA) serves as the exclusive bargaining agent for its members as mandated by the Government of Alberta's Post Secondary Learning Act.

AUAFA is committed to protecting the rights and improving the working conditions of its membership, which is comprised of all permanent, sessional faculty, non-teaching members (Academic Curator, Counsellor, Librarian) and Limited Term Appointments (LTA employed by Alberta Alberta University of the Arts (AUA). The Associationʼs primary responsibility is overseeing the collective bargaining process, and acting on behalf of its members when differences arise regarding the interpretation of the Collective Agreement. The Association also plays a significant role in maintaining and promoting the professional status of our members; promoting a healthy working environment; ensuring adherence both to University procedure and to professional ethics in general; and protecting academic freedom. To meet its responsibilities AUAFA collects dues from all its members.

The AUAFA executive are elected by the Membership and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Association. It welcomes input and receives direction from the Membership, to whom it reports regularly through meetings, eBulletins, Newsletters and e-mail updates.


AUAFA belongs to the Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association (ACIFA) and is a federated member of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).


AUAFA was formed in 1985, originally as ACADFA.


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