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I teach a non-credit course at AUArts. Am I represented by AUAFA?

No, only faculty teaching credit courses at AUArts and paying dues to AUAFA are represented by AUAFA.

I am not teaching this semester but will be teaching the following semester. Do I have access AUAFA resources?

Strictly speaking, no. AUAFA is able to represent you during periods when you are a paying member of AUAFA. Sessional faculty are members of AUAFA only during those periods when their teaching contract is in effect. However, we would still be happy to consult with you, and to discuss your concerns regarding a past or upcoming contract.

I feel that I am being harassed or discriminated against. Can AUAFA help me?

AUAFA may help you by providing you with information about AUA procedures, and direct you to the appropriate people to handle your concerns. We can also offer advice and guidance as you negotiate these procedures. Harassment and discrimination are not Collective Agreement issues per se so AUAFA cannot directly represent you.

I do not believe that I have been paid correctly. What should I do?

Contact the Payroll Office or the AUAFA Office Manager. AUAFA can advise you on the information you need to provide and will negotiate with the University on your behalf if necessary.

I have a problem with how a member of the University Administration is doing their job. Can AUAFA do something to change this?

If this is not an issue relating to the Collective Agreement then AUAFA cannot get involved. If it is an issue relating to the Collective Agreement then AUAFA can act. Depending on the your concern, AUAFA may be able to raise the issue in discussion with University Administration. Otherwise, we will advise you on ways you might proceed.

I am a sessional employee. When am I eligible for benefits?

To be eligible for coverage you must have taught a minimum 3 courses in the previous academic year. Coverage will commence September 1st or January 1st and will terminate at the end of the semester or April 30th, whichever is earlier.

Is AUAFA a union?

Yes. AUAFA is a trade union through the  Alberta Labour Relations Code  and is mandated by the Alberta Post-Secondary Act.



What other organizations is AUAFA affiliated with?


AUAFA is a member of ACIFA and ACIFA is a member of the Canadian Association of University Teachers.  The Alberta Post Secondary Act mandates its formation. It resembles a union in several ways, but it is not affiliated with any organized labour movement. The Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculty Associations (ACIFA) is a body that allows faculty associations from institutions across the province to exchange information and pool resources.

What is “joint consultation”?

Several times a year, members of AUAFA executive meet with members of University Administration for informal and frank discussions. These meetings enable us to discuss issues related to the Collective Agreement and keep lines of communication open.

How much money does AUAFA collect?

Membership fees are determined at the AUAFA Annual General Meeting by the membership. Currently memberships fees are 1.32% of every members’ salary. This amount is deducted by AUArts's Payroll and forwarded to AUAFA.

How much money does AUAFA have in reserve?

At all times a minimum of $30,000 is held in liquid reserve in case of grievance. During negotiation years an additional $60,000 is held in a liquid reserve fund in case of arbitration. Excess funds are held in long-term guaranteed investments (bonds and coupons) with alternating due dates in case they are needed for legal, arbitration or other purposes.

What's the difference between the AUAFA Newsletter and the eBulletin?

The Newsletter is a publication distributed twice per year, typically at the end of the Fall and Winter semesters. It features articles by and about faculty: their concerns, interests, research and professional activities. It is available digitally at

The eBulletin is distributed as a pdf electronically following the end of each semester. Its purpose is to inform the members about current issues AUAFA is dealing with and what actions are being taken on behalf of faculty members.

How do I submit an article to the Newsletter or eBulletin?

If you have an idea for an article, contact the Communications Officer, Jackie Bagley at or AUAFA Office Manager, Karin McGinn, at The deadline will be announced, but is typically  at the midpoint of the semester. Articles submitted should be in final form with a word count of 2000 or less. Long or short articles are welcome. Text documents should be in Word or rtf format. Images should be high resolution, 300 dpi at the approximate size of reproduction, and saved as a tiff or high quality jpeg file. We will publish as is, with minor copy edits as necessary.

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