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Alberta University of the Arts Faculty Association

President's Report  | DEC 2022

My dear colleagues,


It has been a very active time for the Faculty Association, and me. We have continued to meet with our employer through Joint Consultation and grievance processes. I would like to thank Chris Frey for all his hard work as our Grievance Officer. 


In the New Year we will be looking at the Annual Faculty Evaluation procedure with our employer. It will be an opportunity to streamline the process and ensure that it continues to support members in their roles, including teaching, service, and research. We hope this will reduce the backlog that has occurred over the pandemic and get us back on a regular evaluation cycle. The FA signed an LoU this fall to ensure evaluations occurred, as the backlog would have made it impossible.


Several members have reached out to the FA this fall inquiring about the best course of action when asked to a meeting without a topic with our employer. I would like to encourage each of you to reach out to the FA if you receive a meeting request like this. All that means is if you find yourself being invited to a mystery meeting, take one of the FA Executive with you. We will be there to support you and take notes. 


This semester has seen a lot of work being done on the building, including an update of the HVAC system for the school. This upgrade will allow hospital grade air filters to be used. It has been a disruption for some of us because of noise and smell. If you feel an impact of this work, please fill out an incident report either on the AUArts Safe App or a paper copy in the security office. Reporting to your Director or higher does not carry the same weight as the incident report. 


I would also like to thank each of you for your trust over the last six years. Serving as president has been an enriching experience, and I have learned a ton. I will be completing my last term as president at the spring AGM. I would like to challenge each of you to participate in the functioning and work of the FA—our union is stronger through each of you.  


All my best during the winter holidays! I hope you have a relaxing and rejuvenating time!



Vacant positions  22/23

NAC Chair

Sessional Representative

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